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Robyn Bowman

Robyn Bowman

Owner / Director

Robyn first began her exploration of yoga in 1993, well before the current yoga trends had begun. Her first yoga class was taken just for fun with a couple of her girlfriends. Something in the movement, the breath and the mindfulness spoke to her and she began to search out new classes and teachers. Her practice slowly began to grow.

After working closely with her teacher Helen Duquette, she decided to dive into an intensive two year, 500 hour teacher training at the Helen Duquette Yoga Studio. She discovered that with an intense study of yoga philosophy, human anatomy and through deconstructing each asana her practice deepened and became more fulfilling. Sharing her yoga through teaching was an obvious transition that she was happy to make.

In 2007 she opened Creating Space Yoga Studio in Oakville, Ontario. It is here that Robyn continues to be creative and finds that she is always inspired. Creating Space Yoga Studio has become a unique studio where each student has the opportunity to move mindfully and to explore their own body wisdom. Creating Space Yoga Studio continues to support the Oakville community with compassion and kindness as it uses its platform for charity work and awareness.

Although a full time yoga teacher, Robyn never loses the desire to be a student. She continues to practice deeply with Helen Duquette, yet she also seeks out guidance from other teachers. Robyn has worked with Judith Lasater and is a certified Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga teacher. She has worked intensively with Susi Hately and continue to explore the use of yoga as a means of yoga therapy to help her students move with ease and without pain. Using yoga as a means of therapy has been a current focus of Robyn’s work and teaching.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Stephane Treyvaud, Robyn has organized and developed a very successful Mindfulness Lecture Series featuring Dr. Treyvaud. She continues to be a consultant to Dr. Treyvaud for all matters related to yoga and functional movement. She guest teaches regularly in his widely attended Mindfulness Meditation Groups.

Robyn continues to be influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Helen Duquette, Katy Bowman, Amy Matthews and Barbara Bainbridge Cohen.

Robyn teaches with an openness and enjoyment that is obvious in all of her classes. She shares with her students her years of teaching experience, her deep yoga knowledge and her creativity and zest for learning. Her deepest wish for her teaching is that each student walks away from their mat listening to the whispers and how the body is communicating. She hopes that in each practice, or pranayama, or sitting meditation that each student will see a glimpse of what is possible and learn to move and live with a greater sense of ease and appreciation for their own bodies and inner wisdom.