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CSY Book Club

Are you a book lover?
Have you been looking for a book club to join?
Do you love to chat about books and at the same time give back to our community?

Welcome to the CSY Book Club!

How did this club begin?

Every Spring the CSY Community pulls together and enjoys a book donation/exchange for a couple of weeks at the studio.  All of the used books collected are donated to the  Oakville Literacy Council for their annual Used Book sale. Each year we are overwhelmed with donations and the enthusiasm for books in our yoga community.  Obviously, there are a lot of keen readers among our yoga students!

This gave us the idea of a CSY Book Club.

We are always looking at ways to create deeper layers of community at CSY.  We hope that the book club will welcome new people into our community and also serve as a meeting place for our students who practice at CSY but attend different classes on different days.  This club will be open to the students in our CSY community and we will also welcome their friends.  No yoga experience is necessary!

How often do you meet?

We meet usually 3 times a year.  During the fall, winter and spring term.  We then pick books to read over the summer months.

How do you pick your books?

We make a short list from suggestions from the CSY Book Club group.  We have a list of 8 – 10 books that are paired together and then matched with a charitable organization.  The CSY Community then has an opportunity to vote for the pair of books that they would most like to read and discuss.  The book pairing with the most votes will be the book selections that we read.  The charitable organization that is paired with the books will receive the collected donations.

Is it mandatory to donate to the selected charity?

Absolutely not!  We collect voluntary donations from the book club members just as they see fit.  We figure we are getting together and can collect donations, so why not enjoy our evening out and support our community at the same time!  100% of the donations collected are donated to the charity chosen for that gathering.

Do you have to be a yoga student?

No you don’t.  Most of our members do practice at Creating Space Yoga Studio, but friends of students have blended into the group nicely and all are welcome.  No yoga experience needed!

How do I join the group?

Just send us an RSVP that you wish to attend the next gathering.  We will put you on the mailing list and will look forward to meeting you.

What do I bring to the book gathering?

Just bring your self, your books, a favourite mug and any snacks that you wish to enjoy or share.  We will provide the studio space and a wide variety of teas to enjoy.  We do ask that you have read at least one of the book selections in its entirety.

Our Next CSY Book Club Gathering…

Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Time: 7:30pm

Selected Books:  “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi
“Not My Father’s Son : A Memoir” by Alan Cumming

Selected Charity:  Oakville Hospital Foundation

Happy reading!

Please include me in all your mailings and updates about the CSY Book Club.